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Otherhood Podcast

Otherhood, the podcast, began in 2016. It focuses on the kids of immigrants, how they're figuring out their identities, and changing the American race paradigm. I created, hosted, and produced the first six episodes after work, while a full-time public radio reporter. Public Radio International acquired the podcast, and I moved to the newsroom of The World, producing episodes and shorter versions for radio. 

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Episode 10, Season 2. MIT let students investigate its early connections to slavery. They came back with a report that showing the institution has impact in the present. 

MIT slavery -

Episode 9, Season 2. The city of Cambridge — home of MIT and Harvard — is known for its liberalism, diversity, and tolerance. When a group of kids of color publicly called their teachers out on microaggressions, there was a backlash from white educators — showing there's another side to Cambridge that isn't openly discussed.

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OH Cambridge -
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