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International Stories

Paraguay’s #MeToo: 'He likes you, so he will rape you'

.... Aired July 13, 2018.

Paraguay's MeToo -

Refugees asking for asylum in Canada argue the US is no longer safe.

.... Aired Sept 7, 2018.

Canadian refugees -

It’s pretty normal to have a rifle there; handguns and automatics have only been getting popular recently.  Gun violence is increasing in Canada. And those guns might be coming -- in part -- from the US.

.... Aired Aug 15, 2018.

Canadian guns.JPG
Canadian gun violence -

“It was actually useful stuff, like ‘Here's the law around when you can have sex.' And that's really important because when you're in grade 9 — and I know a lot of parents don't want to believe this, but — kids are having sex. Or they're going to have sex very soon.”

.... Aired Sept 11, 2018.

Ontario sex ed -
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